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We are here to provide you with support and advice for using GETALA. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and find success.

Buyers- Getting Started

You will be able to create a project from the left menu. A project is a bundle of parts to be manufactured for a specific machinery. Make sure your email is verified to create projects. A buyer can create unlimited projects even in basic plan.

Go to the left menu, click on the “Find manufacturer” tab, it will redirect to the manufacturer page.

  • Invite any manufacturer by email.
  • Find manufacturers registered in GETALA by filtering them with location, category, name etc. 
  • If you find the suitable manufacturer, make it your favorite by clicking “Add to favorite”  button next to the manufacturers name. 
  • You can rate them later about the performance of the manufacturer that will help other buyers.

Inside the project add items into the project with your drawing/ specifications, Input all relevant information about the items like Part name, Part number, Qty, Target date, target cost etc. And select any of three favorite manufacturers from the dropdown. GETALA will send email to the manufactures informing about the new RFQ. You will see the cost and time from the manufacturer instantly once they input those details.
NB : target cost information will be hidden to the suppliers.

Any company or individual can create a Buyer profile in GETALA with their email ID. A buyer is a user who wants to get custom parts made from suppliers around the world. Click the Signup button from the home page and select “Register as a Buyer”. Provide the requested details and verify email with the link sent to your registered email ID.

Manufacturers- Getting Started

A premium manufacturer can get enquiries from global buyers. If the enquiry matches with the expertise to deliver, you can give your estimate to the line item. According to your profile, cost, delivery lead time, you will be awarded huge orders based on the enquiry.

A manufacturer can view all new requests for quotations from the dashboard, or else from the left side menu. Cost of making a part is estimated and entered in each line item.

Showcasing the facilities, tools, and machinery increases the chances of getting orders from reputed buyers. To add information about the facilities, go to “My profile” from the top right drop-down menu, and edit details correctly.
You can add facilities that are available in the house also you can add the services you hire by outsourcing. Details except for hourly rate, operator details, and shift details will be visible to clients.

Any company or individual can create a manufacturer profile in GETALA with their email ID. A manufacturer is a user who wants to make custom parts with their machines. Click the Signup button from the home page and select “Register as a Manufacturer”. Provide the requested details and verify email with the link sent to your registered email ID.


GETALA is a cloud software available for buyers and manufactures. GETALA mobile application will help manufacturers to become more productive and organized. Basic features are available in a freemium account. To access Premium features, require yearly subscription.

Find suitable suppliers based on the expertise, location, quality ratings etc.

Every machine builder will have fluctuating demand for custom parts. To meet this demand they have to scale up abruptly and they should have a pool of manufacturers ready all the time. 

  • GETALA will help you to scale up production on demand.
  • Simplifies pre and post order processing.
  • Easy to follow up and status of different projects running with different suppliers.
  • Help internal team members for hassle free coordination of suppliers.
  • Systematic documentation will help the team to reduce confusion.
  • Get more jobs.
  • Quote faster. Access RFQ information’s with mobile application.
  • View 3d and 2d details on any device.
  • Cost estimation calculator based on operation cost.
  • Allocate resources with mobile applications.
  • Update progress of job.
  • View operational efficiency reports and find sustainability of business.
  • Access to new manufacturing methodologies from free webinars.

Premium features are available for buyers and manufacturers. Basic features can be tried out for free, during its free subscription, you will get a webinar to know the premium features. Also, get in touch with our support team for further details.


Every user needs to verify their email address by clicking the link sent to their registered email ID. You will only be allowed to add projects after verification in GETALA. Most of the other functionalities too. Contact us if unsolved.

Login again to GETALA with your username and password. You can resend the confirmation email from the dashboard. Make sure you entered the correct email address. Check your spam folder also.

If an amount has been credited from your account with a failed transaction, it will be returned back to your account within 48 hours. If it has not been resolved you can contact our customer support

Make sure your browser does not restrict the popup for the website GETALA. If so, kindly allow a popup for the GETALA website.
STEP files are the neutral format of any CAD program, which can be uploaded. Make sure the file size of 3D STEP is less than 5 MB. If problems persist, kindly contact our support team.


  • Project status report
  • Project cost report.

If you find any reports that are useful to you, feel free to write to us. We are happy to support you.

  • Project status report.
  • Job progress report.
  • Operator efficiency report.
  • Item progress report.
  • Operator activity report.
  • Item progress report.

If you find any reports that are useful to you, feel free to write to us. We are happy to support you.

If your project consist of multiple items, preferability you create BOM in excel sheet from the template provided in the items page, update details in rows, and import BOM to the project to update multiple item details instantly. 

Pro Addon

Machine operators will get specifications of the job to be done on their mobile. Also, a 3d view of the parts will make you understand every detail of the machining process. You will get notified of the pending jobs which will increase your performance. 

Buyer can provide reviews and ratings about manufacturers based on their quality, delivery and cost. These reviews are showcased in the manufacturer’s profile. Which will increase the credibility of manufactures and lead to good orders. 

Feel free to contact us for any queries you have. Your question is important to us. Our team will assist you to clarify your concerns.

Every process can be associated with an operator. When a work is awarded, GETALA will allocate the job to the operator as per the process priority automatically, and the operator will notify the request which is in the queue. When the operator finishes one job, the list of jobs with details makes him no delay to start the next

Yes, during machining, the 3D model can be viewed on your mobile. You can Augment the 3D model so you can compare the machined parts with the 3D model to see every detail as per specifications are met.

In GETALA, Item receipt lists are also available against purchase order. You can create an item receipt when an item is received. Which will ensure all parts ordered are delivered. 

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Feel free to contact us for any queries you have. Your question is important to us. Our  team will assist you to clarify your concerns.