A Global Solution to the Custom parts manufacturing.

Machine building, SPM, factory automation require large number of custom parts to be made, it has got challenges globally.

USER Friendly DASHBoard

Functional Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard provides powerful information about the status of the project. Using the dashboard, buyers can track the progress of custom parts orders.

Manufacturers can identify and track resource allocation effectiveness by looking at numbers on dashboards. It is easy to monitor the daily RFQ and  in progress rate. The dashboard will also help them understand competitiveness.

It is easy to analyze the competitiveness of a business with reports.

  • Simple
  • Realtime
  • Reports
  • PO and Parts receipts


View & share 3d (STEP).

When a buyer need to demonstrate the complexity of parts they can upload STEP 3D CAD file so the supplier can view them on mobile/ Desktop with out any powerful computer even with out any software. 

ease of use


Easy details update with simple import of excel file. A Bill of Material (BOM) with item details can be imported to GETALA to simplify the data entry of individual parts details.
A template file provided as BOM which will make it easy for a buyer to update multiple items details.

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All Features

There are hundreds of other reasons to choose to start using GETALA, a cloud software that understands the manufacturing needs of custom parts manufacturing. Lets onboard.

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Frequently Asked Question

Feel free to contact us for any questions you have.  Some of the most asked questions are answered below.

A buyer who needs suppliers to make custom parts. eg. Machine builder.

A manufacturer is a factory that has machines to produce custom parts. It can be a single-owned company with or without employees. For example, machine shops, drilling, milling, CNC, EDM, wire EDM, grinding, cylindrical grinding, boring, casting, sheet metal processing, 3D printing, and many more are some of the manufacturing types available.

Yes, once after you register as a buyer, you can search for a manufacturer based on the type of work he does, in a particular area, or by name.
If you know the supplier Email ID, you can invite them to be your supplier in GETALA.

Yes, as being a manufacturer you can find potential buyers. You have to register in the portal or by mobile application. Once after your registration completes you have to sign in to the mobile application to find buyers. If you find them potential buyers, you can connect them with a tack function.

Designers created GETALA to not just provide a directory of manufacturers and buyers, but to enable interaction between them for production requirements and simplify the pre and post-order processing of custom parts manufacturing.

Designers created GETALA for those who aim to scale production, increase profits by optimizing resources, and get organized for international exposure. Once you are ready with the process GETALA will get you international job orders.

Yes, it is possible to upload STEP file to GETALA, and you can instantly view them on your browser. Also you can share this 3d information to the supplier you wish. A supplier can view 3d file with the same browser or with a the mobile application. Download from Play Store/ App store.

Yes, GETALA allows you to showcase your infrastructure details and available machinery to potential buyers.
Your ratings are also visible to buyers so that they can evaluate you without visiting you. A GETALA identity will enhance your visibility and increase chances of getting international projects.

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