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Trusted by Engineers, Manufacturers and Purchasing Leaders. Over 50k parts delivered.

Transparent workflow for getting custom parts for our machines.

We have a unique process for meeting the demands of our production requirements with our plant machinery. 

Coordination between our suppliers, designers, assembly team, and purchase team has taken on new dimensions with GETALA. The easy sharing of 3D and 2D content keeps everyone on the same page all the time. We are exploring new ways to improve our custom parts procurement productivity. Thanks to GETALA

We make machines with custom parts hassle free.

Sastra Robotics manufactures complex robotic test systems, which require extremely complex custom parts.

GETALA has increased our confidence in scaling up production by allowing us to collaborate and keep track of custom parts manufacturing. Our supplier team is connected and collaborates hassle-free with GETALA’s tailored cloud software, reducing confusion with multiple contact points.

Sharing 3D with supplier increases quality and made ordering process trouble free.

Sharing 3D with our suppliers was never easy before, but now it’s quick and easy. 
Our supplier without a computer can also view 3D with their smartphone, which surprised me.
Due to limited technology (computers and printers) most of our suppliers take time to give quotations to our requests. Now they do can do it with their smartphone. Thanks to GETALA.

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